Marafie Family of Kuwait - عائلة معرفي - الكويت
Welcome - مرحباً بكم طباعة

Are you a Marafie family member, relative, or a friend of a Marafie-member?

Do you have a story or information about the Marafie/Behbehani Families that you would like to share with us to post here?

Please share your information with us, and " site @ marafie (dot) com " now! Everybody's welcomed!



Welcome - مرحباً بك طباعة


On the 5th of May 1996, was born in cyberspace! Marafi or Marafie are the English spellings for a family located in Kuwait.

It was a very awkward concept to have an electronic website specialized for a specific group of people. At first, family members received it as a strange idea, but few years have passed since its opening and most of them now think of it as an "acceptable idea!".

Six domain names were registered back then, and they are as follows:



The initial concept was to have the Marafi Family be among the firsts online, world-wide! This goal was achieved by simply searching the web by! One would not see a full set of domain names reserved for one group! Give it a try!

This site is active due to the high believe of the importance of the electronic media. This portal will be always dynamic in changing to follow the latest trends to have the Marafi family members and their friends collaborate to Kuwait, worldwide, and most importantly... to humanity!

Thank you for your visit,,,



the team